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Introducing the All-New Congo Cruise MULTIPLANESDiorama!

This Diorama takes its inspiration from the best jungle river excursion in the west. The Congo Cruise MULTIPLANES is available in 2 styles, the classic red and white striped boat and the current brown/rustic boat version.

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This little guy is called “Happy Haunts,” and I’m sure needs no introduction. Well loved by most people that visit Disneyland, this is my favorite attraction only second to Pirates of the Caribbean.


The African Queen celebrates the iconic steamboat that we all know and love from Disneyland's Jungle Cruise attraction. It’s available in 2 styles, the current rustic look & the classic red and white striped look from the 1950’s!


This is one of my favorite scenes inspired by Back to the Future and I thought it would be awesome to bring it to life in a three dimensional space! It’s called “McFly,” and displays the precise moment that Marty learns that hover boards in fact don’t work on water....unless you’ve got power.


The Griffith Observatory is a place that captures the imagination of over a million visitors every year. Sitting atop Mount Hollywood at Griffith Park, the Observatory is the crown jewel of Los Angeles.


The Pacific Electric was a mass transit system in Southern California that was electrically powered. It ran for the first half of the 20th century and was at one point, the largest in the world!


Taken explores the strange phenomena of unidentified flying objects and their off world inhabitants.


“Dreadnought” is our tribute to the 6 string acoustic guitar most players reach for when playing. Their large bodies and narrow waist produce a full robust sound that guitar players love.


The Yeti is a half man-half ape cryptid that is reported to exist near the mountainous regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. This superstar of Cryptozoology has evaded sighting from most who travel to the Himalayas. The elusive nature of the Yeti keeps him firmly planted in legend.


Chilling tales from Norway tell of an ancient seafaring creature so large, its outstretched tentacles reach the tallest mast of the saltiest ships. For hundreds of years, the legend of the massive squid known as, the Kraken,has grown along with its purported size.


The Oddity takes us deep into the realm of fantasy; a glimpse into the early 19th century where traveling circuses would showcase biological curiosities. Behind lock and key lies the ringmaster of his own exhibition.


Since the rise of UFO sightings from the 1940’s onward, numerous reports have surfaced from people who have been visited by the men in black.