People of VINYLSMACK!!!!


People of Vinylsmack,

Wanted to send out a quick thanks to let you know that I am a proud new owner of the flux capacitor powered macbook pro. I bought the laptop just a few weeks ago and instantly googled “flux capacitor decal” or something like that, and very happily stumbled upon your creation, which I instantly had to have. Everything is looking good and have already gotten compliments on the decal.

Thanks again from the Alamo City!

Aaron Jarrett


Thanks Aaron!!!

Customer Photo by @vukcevich

Check out our "3 Rods" die-cut sticker set with the special edition TV set with the amazing Twilight Zone Collection amassed by @vukcevich . Also, keep scrolling for his photo shoot as Bemis from The Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough at Last." Awesome stuff!!!


"Thank you @vinylsmacked for the wicked TZ paper art! Not to mention the Delorean!" #vinylsmacked #twilightzone #rodserling #ineedvinylsmack -@vukcevich

Customer Photo and Review of the "3" Rods" Die-Cut Sticker Set

Thanks to @powerandair for posting your setup of our "3 Rods" Special Edition Set! Looks great!

Customer Review: "These are super cool, thank you @vinylsmacked keep up the great work!" 


Not a great pic, still setting stuff up but check out this cool gift I got today from @vinylsmacked these are so cool! 😀😀😀 uber happy and excited #rodserling#twilightzone #ineedvinylsmack #winner Thank you so much @vinylsmacked 🙌


Customer Photo and Review of the "3 Rods" Die-Cut Sticker; Special Edition Set

Customer photo and review by @mrhackadudu on Instagram

"You are now entering another dimension of amazing!! Got my vinyl rod serling stickers in the mail from @vinylsmacked I love these so much,you can tell these are really high quality . The packaging itself is amazing ,so much that I kinda didn't want to open it haha. You should go follow @vinylsmacked and if your a twilight zone fan I highly recommend this rod Serling set."

Flux Emancipator Photo by Artist Chris Thrasher

Here's a photo of our Flux Emancipator Multilayer Decal that was shared by Chris Thrasher an amazing artist that does some sweet Lumber Cutouts. Do check out his work:

Product Review: "This sticker is SERIOUSLY my favorite item I've purchased this year. I'm proud to boot up my laptop in front of people now and let them see the illuminated logo. Thank you!"

-Chris Thrasher

Here's a sampling of his work!