African Queen Video Review by Jungle Crews Podcast

Jungle Cruise Boat

Kyle from the Tales from the Jungle Crews podcast reviews our African Queen Jungle Cruise inspired boats! You can follow him over at: https://www.instagram.com/junglecrewspodcast/ Also check out the podcast!

TFJC is the only podcast devoted to Disney's Jungle Cruise attraction & it's Skippers. The show has had over 2.5m downloads & over 150 Skippers.

They also sell merchandise at: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/the-skipper-store?ref_id=8267

The African Queen is now available for purchase. Click here!

MULTIPLANES Series 2 Preview | 1 of 5 | Happy Haunts

MULTIPLANES Series 2 makes it’s official debut at @designercon. It’s called “Wonderwalls”, and features some of the subjects I love the most!

Here’s a quick preview of “Happy Haunts,” a place that I’m sure needs no introduction. Well loved by most people that visit Disneyland, this is my favorite attraction only second to Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s packed full of small intricate details like attraction guests, painted embellishments, queue rails, and even a ghostly carriage driver! The Happy Haunts have materialized! This is 1 of 5 all new designs that will be available for purchase. This baby measures 5” x 7” with a depth of 2.75” and will look perfect on your shelf, desk, or display! Pick one up exclusively at @designerconNovember 16-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We’re in booth #630. See you there! 
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